By Gerrit “Heinie” Snider, Illustrations by Jane Hafling From his book “So Was Alaska” published in 1961 I met these partners for the first time when he was working as a section foreman at Wasilla and I held the same job on the Pittman section. He had given […]



A friend of mine once told me he’s never ready to give up the current season before the next one begins. I find this statement to be true—especially in November. Days are shorter and the weather is temperamental and unpredictable. Not wanting to lose out on an opportunity […]


Open Water

Late last August I joined a dozen new students, faculty, staff, and the president of Alaska Pacific University on Expedition Alaska. For ten days I rafted the Yukon River from Eagle to Circle. On this trip I saw grizzly bears, camped in remote places, and endured record low […]


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