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Experience Talkeetna in Winter with lodge and bar in background.

Getting Out and Experiencing Talkeetna in Winter

Alaskan winters are long and cold, so I’m always looking for new ways to make the season fun and exciting. I contacted the Alaska Railroad to find out about their winter schedule, and learned that the Aurora winter train runs on the weekends. It starts out on Saturday […]

The Homestead

In 1962 the federal government provided an opportunity for a man and his family to stake up to 160 acres in Alaska. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) identified acreage that was compatible for growing an agricultural product and with access to markets. In exchange for the land […]

Guiding (losing & finding) a Cheechako

When my good friend Ed first called I figured it would be one of our usual bull sessions with a long conversation about nothing in particular. Usually we talk about how many moose we’ve been seeing, if any bears have been around and so forth. I enjoy our […]

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