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2016 Colony Christmas in Palmer, Alaska

2016 Colony Christmas Gallery

A Colony Christmas photo gallery. Downtown Palmer, Dec. 9th-11th, 2016. Submit your photograph to the gallery by emailing it to info@lastfrontiermagazine.com, or by tagging #ilovepalmer on your Facebook or Instagram photo.  

My Favorite Teacher Mrs. Clara Slumberger

Of the many people who impact our lives, perhaps the greatest are school teachers. Our favorite teachers influence us far out of proportion to the small amount of time they spend with us. I first encountered Clara Slumberger in the 1955-56 school year, when I was in the […]

Of Moose and Men

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. After that, although the accuracy of my memory could be called into question, there was light and darkness, some water, a few billion plants, and too many animals involved to count. At the end of it all, God […]

Picking Up Sticks

According to the Rand McNally mileage calculator, I am five thousand, two hundred and nineteen point four miles from home. It seems much farther. The world I live in now is unfamiliar in many ways—in most ways, really. The home of my heart is found on Lazy Mountain […]

Top 10 Alaska Scenic Shots – June 2015

Click on any photo to jump inside of this gallery of amazing June images from the Last Frontier Magazine Facebook page. These photos received the most ‘likes’ for all submitted images in June of 2015. Enjoy!

Urban Agriculture – An Edible Park in the City

Generally, I try not to get caught up in the latest fad, but … emerging in the gardening world is a popular activity worth getting excited about—edible landscaping and parks. More and more I’m hearing about churches, schools and businesses growing edible plants on their premises and homeowners […]

The Susitna Range – A Cattle Range in the Talkeetna Mountains

In the 1950s and 60s, when dairy farming was a major enterprise in the Matanuska Valley, it became necessary to find a way to cheaply feed non-producing cattle during the summer. A plan was formed to use a box canyon in the Talkeetna Mountains at the headwaters of […]

Traversing the Kesugi Ridge Trail

In late June 2012, the summer following our epic adventure over Chilkoot Pass [see the June 2014 issue of LFM], our same two-family hiking group was set for another backpacking trip. This time, we were headed for Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park, a challenging 27.5 mile […]

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