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The Homestead

In 1962 the federal government provided an opportunity for a man and his family to stake up to 160 acres in Alaska. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) identified acreage that was compatible for growing an agricultural product and with access to markets. In exchange for the land […]

Traversing the Kesugi Ridge Trail

In late June 2012, the summer following our epic adventure over Chilkoot Pass [see the June 2014 issue of LFM], our same two-family hiking group was set for another backpacking trip. This time, we were headed for Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park, a challenging 27.5 mile […]

The Life of an Alaska State Park Ranger

Petting a grizzly bear isn’t something everyone gets to check off their bucket list. But my father, Frank Wesser, a park ranger in the mountains of Chugach State Park, got that opportunity. A biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) was researching black bears in […]

Requiem for Rowdy – Sliding to Sorrow

The last time I saw Rowdy he was sprinting for all he was worth toward a snow-covered spur about ten feet to our right. A cloud of snow enveloped his hindquarters as the avalanche caught up to him. The last thing I ever said to my long-time, climbing/ski […]

Skiing to Tolovana Hot Springs

My brother Mike and his friend Dave had a free weekend in January during their one year rotation in Alaska. They wanted to do something “outdoorsy”—perhaps a multi-day, camping out and skiing trek. I reminded them that Alaskan January days only offer around five useful hours of daylight, […]

Running with Rowdy

Jumping from rock to rock, splashing through the silty water and setting a fast pace, our hiking guide, Rowdy, could confidently navigate our path along Gunnysack Creek in the dark or blindfolded. He, I’m sure, has walked this diverse trail many times. Annie, our lodge host, left us […]

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