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Experience Talkeetna in Winter with lodge and bar in background.

Getting Out and Experiencing Talkeetna in Winter

Alaskan winters are long and cold, so I’m always looking for new ways to make the season fun and exciting. I contacted the Alaska Railroad to find out about their winter schedule, and learned that the Aurora winter train runs on the weekends. It starts out on Saturday […]

Cold Case McCarthy

On March 9, 1918, two horrific murders took place in the bustling mining town of McCarthy, Alaska. To this day neither crime has been solved. By all accounts very little effort was put forth in trying. The well-publicized case (back then) is rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary, but […]


Our main objective on our way to Seward last summer was to climb Mount Marathon. After numerous trips to Seward throughout the years, we decided it was time to tackle the famous route of the annual 4th of July, Mount Marathon Race. The mountain has some horror stories […]

Of Moose and Men

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. After that, although the accuracy of my memory could be called into question, there was light and darkness, some water, a few billion plants, and too many animals involved to count. At the end of it all, God […]

Mendeltna Creek Lodge

When you own your house you get to paint the walls, and fill it with love and experiences that make it a home. So it is when you own a lodge. An Alaskan lodge is an entity comprised of part past, part present, and part … hopefully … […]

My Life As An Alaskan Trucker in 1947

In November 1946, I was working at the Seward power plant when I received a phone call. My mother was dying in Dillon, Montana. After packing some clothes in a suitcase, I took a taxicab to the airport and flew from Seward to Anchorage on Christensen Airways. Once […]

So, You Want To Be A Fisherman?

Excerpt from Dead Reckoning by Dave Atcheson June 1984 Who, in their earliest twenties could be anything but unsure of themselves, yet so much less cautious about taking a chance? That was me: new to Alaska, wide-eyed, and willing to go anywhere life took me. So it was […]

Working On The Line

I grew up in Alaska when the state was still unspoiled, still a real last frontier. And I remember setting my first goals at a very early age. That age being the glorious day I could finally leave home. I‘ll bypass the details, because they’re not pretty and […]

Kelly Gray Photo Gallery

Images printed in the November/December issue of Last Frontier Magazine.  Kelly Gray is a professional freelance photographer dedicated to his work. Kelly possesses a solid work ethic and doesn’t quit until he accomplishes his objectives. He strives toward perfection and concentrates on the details. As an adventure seeker, […]

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