Alaskan Wild Berries

Alaskan Wild Berries

An Introduction to Making Jams & Jellies “Where’s that extra sugar?!” I asked my husband this question after putting 4 ½ cups of the 6 cups of sugar the recipe called for in a pot of berry juice at a full rolling boil. If you are a jelly maker you know what I’m...

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Cold Case McCarthy

Graphic words paint an ugly picture through microfilmed newspaper accounts on the demise of Rose Levine-Silberg. The established town ‘prostitute’ was found bludgeoned to death in her combination McCarthy cabin / business called ‘Chili Con Carne Parlor.’


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LFM July Recap

Check out what the team was up to in July

by Cecil Sanders and the Crew

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Our Survival Story – Part III

Alone with the Wolves Scott and Vivian Mayo are as careful and experienced as anyone who recreates in Monahan Flats. They were enjoying a winter getaway in December 2013, when the unimaginable happened. This is the third and final segment of their survival story. I...

Our Survival Story – Part II

Nightfall Remainder of Day One “Oh my God! I’m stuck out here!” The situation couldn’t get much worse. My mode of transportation was broken down and I was stranded alone, miles from safety. Scotty was hurt or dead in the back country, only God knew where, and the kids...

The Lodge at Black Rapids

Most visitors to Alaska must share the same travel agents as our sandhill cranes and snow geese. They tend to come after the snow melts and head back just before it returns. While here, they are a welcome treat. But even before their flights have disappeared over...

Becoming An Outdoor Woman

Where can you learn how to ice fish, cast a fly, shoot clay pigeons, target shoot with a bow, ski down a hill, skin a black bear, or drive a dogsled all in one weekend? The annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Winter Workshop, of course. This year’s winter workshop...

Our Survival Story – Part 1

My Name is Vivian (Cotter) Mayo, and with my husband, Scott, I reside in Cantwell, Alaska, where we’ve lived, loved, and nearly frozen to death—this is our survival story. First, I should lay some groundwork about how we came to live in the small village of...

A Growing Passion

Passion is a unique aspect of our individual humanity. It’s wired into the fiber of our beings in special and different ways, and it’s often the driving force in major life decisions—like our work and hobby choices. It can keep us persevering through insurmountable...

For the Past and for the Future

When the citizens of Hoonah, Alaska, and surrounding Southeast communities arrived at Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park during the morning of August 25th, 2016, it was a homecoming over 250 years in the making. The powerful events of the day were the...

Connecting Scammon Bay

  We circled the village of Scammon Bay, which sprawled across a hillside near the Bering Sea coast. The airstrip looked good for landing the Cessna, but I could see people standing nearby. I wondered why they were waiting there. It was July 1972. I led RCA Alascom’s...


Smoked Salmon Stuffed Poblanos

For preparing your salmon you can choose the smoking or non-smoking path. Both will lead you to a party-favorite dish, but if you choose to smoke your fish, be prepared to put in a lot more time.

Three of my Favorites

What is the main reason these three are among my favorites? Hardiness. These plants fight for their space in the garden and are easy to remove if they are needed somewhere else.

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