We’re Mad, We’re Completely Mad!

How do two landlocked lovers end up wanting to sail around the world, starting in Alaska? Well, that’s a long story. The more important question is, how insane do you have to be to buy a sailboat in Alaska, not knowing how to sail, and take it out […]

Picking Up Sticks

According to the Rand McNally mileage calculator, I am five thousand, two hundred and nineteen point four miles from home. It seems much farther. The world I live in now is unfamiliar in many ways—in most ways, really. The home of my heart is found on Lazy Mountain […]

Making Ends “Meat”

Everybody has to eat. For poor homesteaders in the Matanuska Valley and other areas in Alaska, prior to plentiful jobs and modern stores, moose meat provided much needed food. The problem was moose meat could only be acquired during hunting season. As legal hunting did not go year […]

Header image from article in Last Frontier Magazine

The Sinking of Princess Sophia

In its day it was the greatest maritime, non-military loss of life in American history. That tragedy came in an unusual form, that of an ocean liner, the Princess Sophia, of the Canadian Pacific Railway fleet. It left Skagway on October 22, l9l8 with a crew of 75 […]

Retirement Project

My daughter and son-in-law were snowmobiling in a remote area north of Talkeetna, Alaska. After an exhausting day on the trail, they ended up at a restaurant for a hot meal and to warm up their tired bones. While waiting for their hamburgers to arrive, they became engaged […]

Juneau’s Hidden History

There are only three ways into Juneau, boat, plane or birth canal—I arrived via the third route. My name is Brian Weed, I’m 34 years old and was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. I grew up learning about rocks and the history of Juneau from my father. […]

The Lincoln Family Homestead

  In July of 2013, I stood in the middle of my family’s old homestead house and marveled at how much it had changed. The doors were wide open, many of the windows were broken out, the ceiling sagged, and there were giant holes in the floor. The […]

The Copper River Marathon

As a kid, when your freezer gets filled with salmon every summer and you have the privilege of having fish for dinner at least once a week for the rest of the year, it’s normal to start taking it for granted. When I was old enough to become […]

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