The Jewel of the Pacific

Watching the graceful and athletic performances of these 20-plus ton beautiful creatures served to remind and motivate us all of the need for conservation, education, and research to help protect the precious marine environment.

Our Survival Story – Part I

Standed, alone, and fighting for survival on Monahan Flats My Name is Vivian (Cotter) Mayo, and with my husband, Scott, I reside in Cantwell, Alaska, where we’ve lived, loved, and nearly frozen to death—this is our survival story. First, I should lay some groundwork...

Appalachia, North Korea and Alaska

North Korea was in the middle of their coldest winter in 45 years. Temperatures dipped as the UN forces led by the United States pursued the North Koreans up to the Chosin Reservoir…

Going Over The Edge

The dangers of landing on a mountain top When flying a small plane there is always a chance of encountering unfavorable weather conditions. In mountainous regions one common risk is downsloping wind, a wind that comes from the top of a mountain and stops you from...


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LFM Sept. News/Recap

Check out what the team was up to in Sept.

by Cecil Sanders and the Crew

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Cross-Country Ski Adventure to Whittier

Excerpt from the book “A Normal Life“ Looking back, I see many ways I might have died exploring Alaska’s vast wilderness. I knew some people who did. Somehow, my friends and I survived, although given some of the risks we took, we were lucky. One overnight winter...

Loon Rescue

Ross walked right up to it and gently placed the net over it. Within a minute we had the loon out of the net and into the dog kennel. Frosted Flake was certainly exhausted as we wrapped it up in a blanket and headed back across the lake to the car.

Trail Running in Kodiak

Become a creative runner by allowing nature to soak into your soul: the snapping of branches that you step on, the swaying trees blowing in the wind, birds chirping off in the distance, even the squirrel that suddenly scurries away, scaring the crap out of you.

The Best Skiing of My Life

I was chewing on a particularly satisfying portion of my burger as the announcer called out, “And the winner is…. Greg …. La…. La…. Latrelly….” I thought to myself, Hey! That’s me!!


The Alaskan – Summertime

Alaskan kids are also transformed into grubby little maniacs, strung out on popsicles and toasted marshmallows, who mostly inhabit the wild margins where emerald woodlands meet overgrown lawns.

Alaskan Wild Berries

An Introduction to Making Jams & Jellies “Where’s that extra sugar?!” I asked my husband this question after putting 4 ½ cups of the 6 cups of sugar the recipe called for in a pot of berry juice at a full rolling boil. If you are a jelly maker you know what I’m...

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