My Life As An Alaskan Trucker in 1947

In November 1946, I was working at the Seward power plant when I received a phone call. My mother was dying in Dillon, Montana. After packing some clothes in a suitcase, I took a taxicab to the airport and flew from Seward to Anchorage on Christensen Airways. Once […]

TinLid Thrive Hat Review

Review: TinLid Thrive Hat   The TinLid Thrive hat is a change of pace from many other hats on the market. It is durable and useful for the right type of person. The pencil holder on the side is a great feature. While being a construction person, part-time, […]

So, You Want To Be A Fisherman?

Excerpt from Dead Reckoning by Dave Atcheson June 1984 Who, in their earliest twenties could be anything but unsure of themselves, yet so much less cautious about taking a chance? That was me: new to Alaska, wide-eyed, and willing to go anywhere life took me. So it was […]

Working On The Line

I grew up in Alaska when the state was still unspoiled, still a real last frontier. And I remember setting my first goals at a very early age. That age being the glorious day I could finally leave home. I‘ll bypass the details, because they’re not pretty and […]

Crystal Worl, Alaska Native Artist and Aerial Dancer

Crystal Worl is Tlingit Athabascan from Raven Moiety, Sockeye Clan, from the Raven House. She is a child of a Thunderbird and from the Chilkat region in Southeast Alaska. From her mother’s side, Crystal is Deg Hit’an Athabascan from Fairbanks. Raised between Fairbanks and Juneau, she was introduced […]

PACK Gear Organizer

Functionality: 10 of 10 The PACK Gear Organizer definitely exceeded my expectations, especially in regard to how many clothing items can fit inside of its pouches. I was able to fit 2 pairs of pants, 4 t-shirts, 10 pairs of various styles of socks and 8 pairs of […]

Kelly Gray Photo Gallery

Images printed in the November/December issue of Last Frontier Magazine.  Kelly Gray is a professional freelance photographer dedicated to his work. Kelly possesses a solid work ethic and doesn’t quit until he accomplishes his objectives. He strives toward perfection and concentrates on the details. As an adventure seeker, […]

A Neighborly Christmas

When my family was living in the Matanuska Valley it seemed everyone in our friendly rural neighborhood had some useful skill, helpful to the rest of the neighbors. Some people were good mechanics, some were carpenters, some were handymen. In a pinch they could all be called upon […]

XShot Pro Camera Extender

A review of the XShot Pro Camera Extender for Go Pro and Digital Cameras Functionality: 10 of 10 I like many features about the XShot Pro Camera Extender. With the swivel head you can capture most angles. The rubber hand grip is high quality and would make hanging on […]

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