A Quick Bite of Alaska

A Quick Bite of Alaska

The fishing was great! We averaged one to two fish per drift, including two fish over 25 inches. The time flew by, and after countless fish, it was finally time to head back to camp. At day’s end, I thought about an old Will Rogers quote: “If all politicians fished instead of speaking publicly, we’d be at peace in the world.” Mr. Rogers hit the nail on the head with that one.

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Our Survival Story – Part III

Alone with the Wolves Scott and Vivian Mayo are as careful and experienced as anyone who recreates in Monahan Flats. They were enjoying a winter getaway in December 2013, when the unimaginable happened. This is the third and final segment of their survival story. I...

Connecting Scammon Bay

  We circled the village of Scammon Bay, which sprawled across a hillside near the Bering Sea coast. The airstrip looked good for landing the Cessna, but I could see people standing nearby. I wondered why they were waiting there. It was July 1972. I led RCA Alascom’s...

Cabin Fever

When I was young my family lived for several years in a little cabin near Big Lake, and at the same time my father built another cabin out in the woods, up north and out of town, where we would go in the summers when school got out. We traded one log stove for a...


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The Passage

A story of growing up, growing old, and the wild paces that define us.

by Day’s Age Productions

A trip along the Alaskan Inside Passage, in hand-made canoes. Two brother’s complete their father’s journey 43 years later.
Watch the trailer here, and view the full version on June 14th, just in time for Father’s Day.

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Trail Running in Kodiak

Become a creative runner by allowing nature to soak into your soul: the snapping of branches that you step on, the swaying trees blowing in the wind, birds chirping off in the distance, even the squirrel that suddenly scurries away, scaring the crap out of you.

The Best Skiing of My Life

I was chewing on a particularly satisfying portion of my burger as the announcer called out, “And the winner is…. Greg …. La…. La…. Latrelly….” I thought to myself, Hey! That’s me!!

Hack! Pack! Crack! Stack!

I used a National Guard re-enlistment bonus to buy a new Stihl chainsaw, a peavey, an axe, and a splitting maul. My friends in the National Guard gave me a hard time. They had heard of people re-enlisting to get money to buy a new car but never a new chainsaw.

Going Over The Edge

The dangers of landing on a mountain top When flying a small plane there is always a chance of encountering unfavorable weather conditions. In mountainous regions one common risk is downsloping wind, a wind that comes from the top of a mountain and stops you from...

Blueberry Polish Muffins

An Alaskan blueberry treat with a twist This recipe was inspired by a random advertisement that popped up on my web browser one day. I couldn’t stop thinking about that image and decided I had to make my own version of this special breakfast treat. What I was going...

Basil Ginger

Wasilla’s new Thai cuisine with a trendy vibe As a professional chef, and lover of tasty food, it’s very exciting when a new restaurant opens nearby. This year Wasilla saw Basil Ginger, a brand new and beautifully decorated restaurant, open its doors. With a variety...


Hatcher Pass Explorations

The desire to see Mint Hut for ourselves grew during our busy summer, and finally, on the second to last day of August last year, the weather and our schedules came together. Again, we set off early. The temperature at the parking lot near where Mother Lode Lodge used to be, was about 22 degrees. All the foliage was in full fall colors and covered with frost, the sky was clear and we were determined.

Fleas, Refrigerators and Fur Fish

Moran made it as far as Juneau where he found an Eskimo who spoke no English. Charlie Pastolik bought the icebox for “$100, two fox furs and a piece of ivory.” But that wasn’t the end of Moran’s Alaskan adventure. In addition to his broadcasts on NBC, he hacked 300 pounds of “Arctic ice” from the Mendenhall Glacier—which was quite a feat since the Arctic Circle was 1,000 miles to the north—and collected two fleas from the back of Pastolik’s husky which he secreted in a matchbox. From Juneau he went directly to Hollywood where he pitched Paramount Pictures on using the fleas in a movie.

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