Denis between Iditarod mushers Joe Runyan and Doug Swingley.

Booty Road – The First to Walk the Iditarod Trail

Denis Douglas made it to the Yukon River (Ruby) two days before Iditarod front runners, Joe Runyan and Doug Swingley.   Booty Road – The First to Walk the Iditarod Trail by Denis Douglas   The sun got hotter as I walked, and sweat rolled down my back […]

Experience Talkeetna in Winter with lodge and bar in background.

Getting Out and Experiencing Talkeetna in Winter

Alaskan winters are long and cold, so I’m always looking for new ways to make the season fun and exciting. I contacted the Alaska Railroad to find out about their winter schedule, and learned that the Aurora winter train runs on the weekends. It starts out on Saturday […]

The Lodge at Black Rapids

Most visitors to Alaska must share the same travel agents as our sandhill cranes and snow geese. They tend to come after the snow melts and head back just before it returns. While here, they are a welcome treat. But even before their flights have disappeared over southern […]

2016 Colony Christmas in Palmer, Alaska

2016 Colony Christmas Gallery

A Colony Christmas photo gallery. Downtown Palmer, Dec. 9th-11th, 2016. Submit your photograph to the gallery by emailing it to, or by tagging #ilovepalmer on your Facebook or Instagram photo.  

Becoming An Outdoor Woman

Where can you learn how to ice fish, cast a fly, shoot clay pigeons, target shoot with a bow, ski down a hill, skin a black bear, or drive a dogsled all in one weekend? The annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Winter Workshop, of course. This year’s winter […]

A Growing Passion

Passion is a unique aspect of our individual humanity. It’s wired into the fiber of our beings in special and different ways, and it’s often the driving force in major life decisions—like our work and hobby choices. It can keep us persevering through insurmountable odds or it can […]

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