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Yukon Don came to Alaska with pioneer parents in 1959 to Chugiak, AK. He graduated from Chugiak High School in 1968 and enlisted into the US Navy from 1969-1972, touring 13 countries in Africa on a Navy Destroyer while deployed to the Middle East. He owned and operated Tanner & Sons Electric, Yukon Don’s B&B Inn, and Tanner’s Trading Post with his wife Beverly until recently. He is a certified pilot, diver, naturalist, chaplain, loss control professional, and investigator currently employed with Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. He has hunted, fished, and adventured all around Alaska for 50 years including a 2000 mile trip down the Yukon River in 1980.



Stories by Yukon Don:

Launching a Dream – Yukon River Adventures – Part 1

On the River – Yukon River Adventures – Part 2

The Conclusion – Yukon River Adventures – Part 3

The Homestead





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  1. There are reportedly some ever distant rumors of a powerfully muscular man (younger version of course) oft called “Don-Kons-U.” Certainly unrelated to Yukon Don, however the clandestine mystery is one of lasting intrigue!!

    • Don, had breakfast this morning with your Navy buddy Paul Macko. He was talking about you. Wish I had known about you earlier, my wife and I just got back from a cruise and land package to Denaili. We would like to do Alaska again, but no cruise. Just land, doing a lot of driving and viewing. Just saying HI! Charlie Puskaric

  2. Hey Don Tanner! Glad to see your still kicking! Give me a call or stop and visit! Take Care!

  3. Don and I still talk on occasion. He called me a couple of months ago. I have much to be thank him for as he was the person who led me to the Lord. While in a lunch chow line, he asked me if I knew Jesus. Sure, I did. I knew the man, I’d gone to church as a boy, and even recited verses, but I didn’t really KNOW Him. That night, as I lay in my rack, I ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and in the morning arose to a new life. The change was both inward and outward, and much noticed by my overseers who put me on report on numerous occasions and disciplined me with extra duty grinding decks, drilling boilers, and cleaning bilges. They were amazed by the change in me. The fellowship we shared while onboard the Noa and deployed to the Caribbean was a very special time for me. I grew to thirst deeply for more and read the Bible voraciously. So, thanks Yukon, for your boldness in sharing the gospel to me. We even held Sunday church services on the flight deck, the first I can recall taking place while I was on the ship from 69 to 72.

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