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Locally owned, sourced, and operated.

We are Alaskan to the core. Our contributors, our staff, and our hearts are all about Alaska.

Last Frontier Magazine is a bi-monthly print magazine based out of Palmer, Alaska.


Alaska is overflowing with interesting people, beautiful scenery, and opportunities for exciting adventures. Although Alaska’s population amounts to only a fraction of other states, the way Alaskans interact with each other and their unique environment has captured a worldwide audience. Alaska is a place of extremes, boasting an overabundance of untamed wilderness, daunting mountains, and a long list of intrepid pioneers who have made history through their survival and ability to make a life in the wilds of the last frontier.

We at Last Frontier Magazine would like to welcome our readers to take an in-depth look at the experience of life in Alaska. Our goal is to provide individuals with stunning photography and insightful stories that celebrate the place we call home and the people in it.

We are thankful for the outpouring of support from readers like you, and hope you will extend that same support to our advertisers. Our vision for this magazine is to be long-lasting; to reach future generations, and we know that even with hard work and dedication that vision has no chance without YOU, the reader. We look forward to the future as we embark on this journey into the Last Frontier.