Pedro’s Pan, A Gold Rush Story, written by Matthew Lasley and illustrated by Jacob Souva, has colorful, pleasing illustrations with hands down the cutest gold pan I have ever seen. This gold pan, “Pan” for short, narrates a heartwarming tale of a prospector, his pan, and their search for gold. 

Discover the historical roots of Pedro the prospector in a two-page educational spread on Pedro’s place in Alaskan (specifically Fairbanks) history, how to pan for gold, and some very interesting facts such as the size of the biggest gold nugget ever found!

Expressive color contrasts and textures found in the illustrations will beckon the eye, and the soft comical theme harmonious in picture and pen creates lovable characters who will surely make you smile. 

The underlying message of perseverance in this adventure story will hit home in any Alaskan heart. I would highly suggest checking out this book and letting it inspire a gold panning expedition of your own. 



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