Dream Flights on Arctic Nights


Alaskan writer, Brooke Hartman, and Alaskan artist, Evon Zerbetz, illuminate the dark of winter with their children’s book, Dream Flights on Arctic Nights. This tale sends readers on a flying dreamland adventure. Into a dark arctic night, the child soars over a multitude of Alaskan creatures. The artwork on each page really sets this book apart as vibrant colors practically light up the subject matter against a black backdrop using a linocut technique. 

The story reads with poetic ease as the rhymes provide discovery and interaction between the dreaming child and the animals below. This book is a perfect nighttime snuggle-up story, perhaps providing children the necessary dream fuel for their own Alaskan journey. I love children’s stories that bring not just a book, but a visual and literary piece of art into your home. I find this to be such a book, and I’m proud to have it in my Alaskan library.


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