The Smallest Aurora Chaser

“This girl has a passion for the northern lights”

It was thirty below zero and the lights were out. Zaira was putting on her gear to get ready for the chase. Aurora blasted the sky with multiple colors and Zaira couldn’t resist anymore. She ran outside, right into the snow, and started capturing the northern lights with her camera. Mommy noticed something was missing from her wardrobe … snow pants. The girl was so focused she forgot some of her vital gear. Brought back inside, Zaira began running from window to window letting Mommy know which direction the lights were shining best. The sub-zero temperature did not faze Zaira. She has an overriding passion for the northern lights.

zz faith photography aurora chaser

This is a normal night with Zaira Faith, the smallest aurora photographer. It was love at first sight after moving to Alaska in the winter of 2015, and she soon began capturing aurora at the age of 4. This mini aurora chaser has a mother also in love with the northern lights, so together they chase and capture the colorful night skies of their new home. Her mother, Jennifer Daurity, upgraded her photography gear and passed on her old camera, giving her daughter the opportunity to learn manual settings.

zz faith photography aurora chaser

Zaira created her own logo, Zz Faith Photography, smallest aurora chaser. Proud of her photos, she also has been preparing for her own local booth sales. She always has her gear ready for the chase, even in subzero temperatures. It is a truly unique mother-daughter date when the now 6-year-old chases aurora with Mom and her own camera. Forever, an Alaska girl.

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