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Watercolors by Julia Barger

Watercolors by Julia Barger

An artist inspired by Alaska’s natural beauty

My love for painting nature and animals was cultivated by the beauty and magic of growing up in the Mat-Su Valley. Those years of playing outside in one of the most beautiful places on earth are now recreated through my paint brush.

There is such a profound peace that can be found in a snow-covered forest or in the presence of powerful mountains. I want people to feel the beauty of Alaska when they see my paintings.

Even though I have moved to the lower 48, Alaska is and always will be a part of me. Now living in Missouri, I donโ€™t always have the means to be in a winter wonderland like forest. It took many years to get used to not seeing mountains all around, but by creating watercolors of Alaska we can enjoy the paintings and be visually transported to that quiet and serene place.

Enjoy Julia’s art below, and then visit her website to see more!ย Visit Julia on Facebook & Instagram.

Amanita (72 dpi)

A delightful surprise on the mossy forest floor. This little treasure was found on the trail leading to Thunderbird Falls.

Homesick (72)

Homesick – Its tranquil shore calls to those who long for the mountains.

Pool of Melted Snow (72 dpi)

Pool of Melted Snow โ€“ Capturing the tranquility of melted snow in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Winter Wolf (72 dpi)

Winter Wolf – Listening to the soft sounds of a wintry forest, this wolf rests contentedly.

Snow Day (72 dpi)

Delicate flakes fall in the quiet forest, covering this moose in a blanket of snow. This painting was inspired by an amazing Alaskan photographer, Charisse Ervin.



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  1. How truly talented you are Julie to be able to capture these memories and share them with others. Diana

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