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Gear Review – 2Toms ButtShield

Gear Review – 2Toms ButtShield


A silicon-based liquid designed to prevent chafing, rashes and soars on sensitive areas of our body, or specifically on our butt. When applied it creates a frictionless satin smooth surface that prevents chafing. ButtShield is applied with an easy to use roll-on applicator or it comes in the form of ten trial size wipes.  2Toms also has a full body skin guard called “SportShield” as well.  “ButtShield” is non-staining, non-toxic, non-greasy formula derived from Dimethicone, Shea Butter, Calendula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Horsetail Plant Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E. One application of this waterproof formula is all you need; it will last all day even under extreme conditions.


2Toms ButtShield

 “ButtShield” is an amazing product, and it really does stay on the skin the whole day. My first application came after a 5 mile run in colder conditions. I mistakenly used a pair of old running tights that I normally do not wear on runs. I proceeded to get a nice rash on my inner thigh that lasted for a few days. I then applied the “ButtShield” to the irritated, rashed area and threw the tights back on. Then I went for a run. The frictionless lubricant did not burn when applied to the sensitive skin area and I was able to run in comfort with no additional chafing. I appreciated the roll-on applicator for applying the product. I am looking forward to using it for saddle protection when the bike season gets underway. I know the product will be good for Tri-athletes as well because it will not come off in the water.


The second application was a situation I had with backcountry snowboarding. After spending twelve hours hiking, skinning and climbing in my snowboard boots, a mountain trip that involved over 7000 vert of climbing, I developed a friction burn on one of my shins from boot rub. Within the next couple days, I had the boots back on for another backcountry tour in Hatcher Pass. This time I applied the single use wipes to the now red and rashed area of skin. It worked perfectly, no additional friction rubs and all day comfort after six hours of touring and riding. I am definitely going to use this product from here on. It is easily removed with soap and water and not a lot of product is needed to obtain excellent results. I personally like the individual wipes, as I can stow them in all my packs and they travel well.

I don’t recommend starting off with rashed and irritated skin, but it proved to me that the stuff does work. I would recommend 2Toms to all athletes of any discipline where repetitive motion can cause friction burns.

Review by: Lance Arnold

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