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TinLid Thrive Hat Review

TinLid Thrive Hat
Review: TinLid Thrive Hat


The TinLid Thrive hat is a change of pace from many other hats on the market. It is durable and useful for the right type of person. The pencil holder on the side is a great feature. While being a construction person, part-time, I find it of great use. I constantly am looking for a spot that I can slide a pencil into that won’t drop. Pencils go missing in my nail bag, fall out of shirt pockets and are constantly dropping out of behind my ear. Anyone who’s worked on a construction site of any kind know exactly what I’m talking about.TinLid Thrive Hat 

The synthetic leather strapping and durable buckle make for an aesthetically appealing feature on the back of the hat. The hat is definitely geared to a person who takes pride on what they cover their dome with.

The TinLid Thrive hat is functional and durable. Many other brands focus on the message, not the quality. My favorite feature of the hat is the tree symbol patch engraved on synthetic leather. It creates a low key and subtle message, but yet again highlights the overall quality and messaging of the brand. TinLid Thrive Hat

Comfort is a key to great hats. After wearing the TinLid hat for several weeks now, it is breaking in well and forming to fit my head.

By design the Thrive hat has a small jutted point on the forehead where the front panel has a sewn fold. I personally would prefer a front with a bit of a lower profile. My assumption is it was styled specifically that way to showcase small flashes of abnormalities, creating a product that would stand alone. TinLid Thrive Hat

TinLid offers alternate hat styles. The Thrive hat will definitely appeal to many people. I will be looking into their other styles for something that fits my preference a bit closer. I love their overall quality and simplistic branding. It also seems that TinLid is environmentally, a very conscious company with high standards and lofty goals. With the purchase of a hat, they plant 15 trees. I am sure you don’t get that type of commitment out of major hat manufacturing companies.

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