Month: February 2016

Putting Winter On Ice

When I was a homestead kid growing up on the Kenai Peninsula, my sisters and I would tromp a half mile out to a little pond in the middle of a muskeg to go ice skating. Being farm folk who’d moved to Alaska from Ohio, we dressed without […]

My Life As An Alaskan Trucker in 1947

In November 1946, I was working at the Seward power plant when I received a phone call. My mother was dying in Dillon, Montana. After packing some clothes in a suitcase, I took a taxicab to the airport and flew from Seward to Anchorage on Christensen Airways. Once […]

TinLid Thrive Hat Review

Review: TinLid Thrive Hat   The TinLid Thrive hat is a change of pace from many other hats on the market. It is durable and useful for the right type of person. The pencil holder on the side is a great feature. While being a construction person, part-time, […]

So, You Want To Be A Fisherman?

Excerpt from Dead Reckoning by Dave Atcheson June 1984 Who, in their earliest twenties could be anything but unsure of themselves, yet so much less cautious about taking a chance? That was me: new to Alaska, wide-eyed, and willing to go anywhere life took me. So it was […]

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