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PACK Gear Organizer

PACK Gear Organizer

PACK Gear Organizer

Functionality: 10 of 10

The PACK Gear Organizer definitely exceeded my expectations, especially in regard to how many clothing items can fit inside of its pouches. I was able to fit 2 pairs of pants, 4 t-shirts, 10 pairs of various styles of socks and 8 pairs of underwear, still leaving room available for more clothing and hygiene items. The top pouch gives you a more secure area to place items such as your watch, toothbrush, shampoo bottle, etc. The three lower pouches work great for more bulky items. The elastic straps give you a bit more room when needed.

I have found myself many times traveling through hotels, vacation rentals and remote lodging needing a clean spot to unpack my bags and organize my clothing. Even in nicer accommodations, I usually don’t fully trust placing my clothing in the drawers provided. The PACK Gear Organizer makes unpacking as simple as hanging it on the door or on a closet rod.

Normally I have to pull everything out of my backpack in order to find the item(s) I am looking for while on the road or trail. Being able to slide out the PACK Gear Organizer not only makes finding what I’m looking for easier, but putting everything back is as easy as sliding the Organizer back into place.

When empty, the pack folds up into a small, easy to tuck away size. The lightweight material adds an almost negligible weight to your luggage or backpack when traveling.

Quality: 9 of 10
The construction of the pack seems to be very sturdy with heavy stitching and quality buckles. I am interested to see how the lightweight material will hold up to heavy use in the long run. I would obviously not leave any sharp items inside when packing it away. The lightweight material may not hold up well.

Overall Score: 9.5 of 10
I definitely recommend the PACK Gear Organizer to the person who is looking to be better organized on their next trip car camping, tent camping, or other travels. The ability to stay organized and have a clean spot to keep your clothes is worth the money.

For more information on the PACK Gear Organizer or to purchase follow the link: http://www.thepackgear.com/?aff=17







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