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XShot Pro Camera Extender

A review of the XShot Pro Camera Extender for Go Pro and Digital Cameras

Functionality: 10 of 10

I like many features about the XShot Pro Camera Extender. With the swivel head you can capture most angles. The rubber hand grip is high quality and would make hanging on an easy task without worry of slipping in a hotter climate. Extending the XShot is quick and easy. The metal pole fluidly extends to its 32” total length.

As soon as you’ve completed your photo or video the pole easily slides back into place to store it while hiking.


XShot Pro is superior to many other models for the ease of extending and contracting the telescopic handle.  Other brand’s designs can be overly burdensome and difficult to use, hence being in the way!

I have seen many photographers use an array of different extension poles and selfie sticks. Many I would consider far inferior to the XShot. The key feature is how quickly you can extend the telescopic handle. While hiking through a slot canyon with a group earlier this year in Arizona, I watched how burdensome many designs are. If you can’t easily adjust the extension, you are going to either be in the way of other photographers or miss the angle you would like to capture.

Quality: 8 of 10

My biggest concern is with the design of the pole extension. Right when I removed the XShot from its package, and extended it out, even without a Go-Pro attached, there was a slight wiggle in the pole. This specific metal pole design may endure a beating, but I would prefer the pole to be tighter fitting and more rigid when extended. I tend to be an equipment snob and want everything perfect to allow for the best opportunity of capturing footage. Many users may not even notice the wiggle, but the movement may cause for a blurry shot in low light. It makes me wonder how much more it may wiggle after heavy usage.

However, I love the rubber handle. It is the perfect size for gripping.

Overall: 9 of 10

With a functional build and easy to use telescopic design, the XShot Pro is the perfect and affordable friend for the recreational photo and video enthusiast. The 32″ extension allows the user a wide area of capture. With its compact design, the XShot Pro is a definite staple for back country adventure video and photography.

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