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July 2015 Photographer – Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs is a professional landscape photographer based in Soldotna, Alaska. He’s been shooting landscapes ever since he was eight years of age. “From the very first time I held my first SLR in my early youth, I knew I had found my artistic love and that this form of aesthetic expression was going to be a profound part of the rest of my life.”

Prior to becoming a professional landscape photographer, Kevin received a BA in political science from the University of Maryland. He then received a Master of Arts in political science from Virginia Tech.

***Kevin Briggs recently announced he is one of the first artists to receive a grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation in the newly established category of fine art still photography. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation gives grants to professional painters, sculptors and printmakers, and has awarded more than 4000 grants totaling over 62 million dollars to artists in 76 countries.

Photographer: Kevin Briggs | www.kevinbriggsphotography.net

Kevin Briggs Photography

Bourbon Sky – Kevin Briggs Photography

Kevin Briggs Photography

The Expanse – Kevin Briggs Photography

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  1. He is a most remarkable artist who has recently won one of the first Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grants for Photography. Not only is his work original and unique, it is filled with breadth and depth and captures light in a way that few photographers ever have. I love and am so very proud of my brother!! Bravo, Kevin!!!!

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