Month: July 2015

Climbing Denali in January

Arctic explorer Dupre makes history with his solo summit. Lonnie Dupre, at 53 years of age, made mountaineering history earlier this year when he summited Mt. McKinley—known by Alaskans as Denali—by himself in January. It was an extraordinary feat to summit and successfully descend the mountain in the […]

July 2015 Photographer – Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs is a professional landscape photographer based in Soldotna, Alaska. He’s been shooting landscapes ever since he was eight years of age. “From the very first time I held my first SLR in my early youth, I knew I had found my artistic love and that this […]

25 Minutes to Paradise

There is no such thing as a quick run to the grocery store here. If you forget the milk, your choice is to go without or take the 40-mile plane ride back to Anchorage. In a world consumed by traffic, errands, and commitments, the communities of Tyonek and […]

Symbols of Progress

I was convinced it wasn’t real. I’d been warned against the powerful effects of mirage that can overtake the senses on the open waters and recalled those warnings as I watched the shape emerge from the meringue-like fog. The retreating tide at my feet revealed treasures of glass […]

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