Month: January 2015

Hiking With Dick

  “Onward and upward,” said Dick as he stood and continued our climb up the side of a steep mountain. Dick Proenneke’s mountains surround Twin Lakes in Southwest Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. For thirty years Dick hiked these mountains, usually alone. But for six of […]

Skiing to Tolovana Hot Springs

My brother Mike and his friend Dave had a free weekend in January during their one year rotation in Alaska. They wanted to do something “outdoorsy”—perhaps a multi-day, camping out and skiing trek. I reminded them that Alaskan January days only offer around five useful hours of daylight, […]

Winter’s Heartbeat

We walked the quiet woods, cameras dangling from our necks, the air cold and still. Soon our steps became further spaced as you wandered away, following the scent of your camera’s eye, discovering anew ice- rimmed leaves, a feather stuck to a tree, brittle wands of willow. Isn’t […]

Stories on a Winter’s Day

It was 1958 and twenty below zero outside. On Monday, Mom’s day off from her job at the library, 11 a.m. was too early for television. I think programs started around 2 p.m. back then. TV was recent. We had three channels and, even with our wobbly rabbit […]

Spirit of Adventure

For as long as I can remember, the phrase “spirit of adventure” has been said in my family. Many times our old station wagon could be seen bouncing down a rutted, old logging road in the backcountry of northern Idaho. I can recall my mom clinging to the […]

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