Month: October 2014

“Could This Be You?”

Stories from an Alaskan Pioneer Originally Published in 1966   When the hunting season is in full swing, stories about the great nimrods and their mighty deeds are reported by newspapers and daily gossip. Have you an airplane, or the mazuma to pay for a trip? Chances are […]

Courtesy of University of Alaska Fairbanks: Fannie Quigley Collection

Fanny Quigley – An Alaskan Folk Hero

Her name was Fannie Quigley and she could out-drink, out-shoot and out-cuss any man in Alaska. She was tough as grizzly bear claws even though she only weighed about 100 pounds – which included the bottle of home brew called Kantishna champagne she always kept tucked inside her […]

The Anchor River

Steelhead are a highly sought-after and, at times, a relatively elusive fish that can be found throughout streams of the Pacific Northwest, including Southeast and Southcentral Alaska. In essence, steelhead are an anadromous, or sea run, rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) that return to freshwater to spawn after years […]

Blood, Blisters, & Two Lucky Sheep

Father-son memories are never more poignant than those that stem from alone time in the wilderness. When extreme conditions and a near death experience enter that equation, those memories are intensified exponentially … seared into the brain’s deepest storage center. Some forty years ago, I lived out one […]

Photo by Yukon Tanner

Launching a Dream – Yukon River Adventures Part 1

So this is the story about my pursuit of a dream to go down the Yukon River. I initially became interested in this adventure because of an experience I had up in Circle City in 1968. I was working with my father for the summer on a state […]

Underneath the Cottonwood Tree – Part 2

Continuing last month’s story, in 1948 our family moved to Wasilla from Anchorage and my parents, with us six kids, were living comfortably in our three room cabin at the edge of town. That’s when our first crisis hit. But remember, problems are just opportunities to develop character. […]

Dreams Can Come True

When we first moved to Wasilla, I could not wait to plant tomatoes and cucumbers in an existing greenhouse which had been built in the 1950s by my great-grandfather, Heinie Snider. My dreams of canning my own diced tomatoes, sauces, and salsas to last the winter were dashed […]

Graveyard Dredge

It’s hard to think now, how men with their shovelfuls and boatloads and sideroads mixed the best color, the good rock, the pay streak, the bedrock. Get a good look at shafts and rigs and steel hammers slamming below the camp, beavers damming. Get a good look at […]

Backpacking with Mike

A little back story before I get started… I met Mike and Pam Nickols back in 2000. My oldest brother spent a year living in Alaska and was fortunate enough to become close friends with their son, Aaron. So, on his regular Sunday afternoon phone calls home, he […]

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